Look Younger and Healthier

Look Younger and Healthier

Try our new Pagani T-Shock treatments

Do you have cold feet about whole-body cryotherapy? Try the new Pagani T-Shock service at Maine Cryospa and Therapy. You can enjoy the benefits of beautiful, younger-looking skin and improved overall health even if cryotherapy isn't right for you. Pagani T-Shock uses thermal technology to alternate between high and low temperatures. This speeds up cellular activity in your skin. Plus, it increases collagen and elastin production, giving your skin a revitalized appearance.

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Is a Pagani T-Shock treatment right for you?

Looking for a less intense anti-aging treatment? Pagani T-Shock treatments from Maine Cryospa and Therapy are gentler and more affordable alternatives to cool sculpting. This collagen-increasing, injury healing and cellulite reducing procedure has gained popularity across the country for its slimming and anti-aging results.

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